Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mad About Harry

I need to preface this post with the disclaimer, I am serious about movies based on books I've read. My thoughts are someone took the time to use their talent to write a story a certain way. Major changes to a story are unsettling and disgust me to no end. I understand the need to condense a story to make it fit the time a movie runs I really do BUT when you take a story and make a movie and change the story to make it your own it verges on copywrite infringement in my opinion - don't bastardize a story just because you can.

Angels and Demons did NOT come after the DaVinci Code in Dan Brown's world. it came before - like the horse before the cart. The remaining preferati did NOT remain - he too died and did NOT become Pope, there is this little thing called CERN and Vittoria's father was PRIEST who worked with anti-matter. The assassin was a militant muslim and - well I won't go on.

The wrong sister died in My Sister's Keeper after a court battle to keep her organs and help the ailing sister die because she was tired of the fight. Alec Baldwin as the 30 something badass lawyer - um no the only thing Alec Baldwin says is foulmouthed bombastic blowhard with a weight management issue. Tell the movie like it is written and don't ad lib to make a movie according to your vision - the writer's voice needs to remain the TRUE voice of a film.

Cinematically, the HBP was beautiful to look at. The Hogwarts backdrop stunning. The story itself moved and the dialogue was very well written. However - this was the producer's version of the story and so NOT the story I read numerous times. As a movie for the sake of a movie, i suppose it was good - I'll have to watch it again to say anything about that. I was too mad at what wasn't included and what was added to really watch- as were most of the people around me - many of us were not happy.



Okay I warned you.

Harry and Dumbledore setting off from the Underground station - um no.

The opening of the HBP was very MUCH needed We needed to know about the two ministers but more importantly, the meeting with Dumbledore , the Dursley's and Harry. There was also Sirius' will and the bequeathment of the House of Black and Kreacher. Kreacher and Dobby played a part in THIS story as well as what is to come in Deadly Hollows.

Dumbledore placed a charm on Harry so that as long as he was underage and could made a visit to his aunt and uncle's he was safe from Volde. Petunia, and to a lesser extent Vernon, had to agree to this.

The sotry of Voldie's mother and father as well as his grandfather was important.

The revelation of some of the Horcux's and the way Riddle finds them was important. Hello - Harry KNEW about the ring that was Marvalo's, the book, the cup that was Hufflepuff's, the necklace that was Slyherin's are important Harry KNEW about these at the close of the book so that he, Ron and hermione had an idea - even though it was vague of what they were looking for.

There was no Fleur and Bill wedding being planned. the idea that love, even in the face of dark and dangerous times is a key motif of the story as a whole.

Tonks and Remus were NOT together in this story. TONKS found harry on the train NOT Luna. There were members of the OOP at the school protecting it from Voldemort. There was little in the movie about the fear and terror people felt as the dark lord regained power - parents pulled their children from Hogwarts people disappeared daily.

Slughorn KNEW Sirius - think about it - one of Sluggy's favorite students was Lilly (and wtheck was that fishbowl thing - really?) therefore Sirius would be the contemporary and Sluggy's student NOT Regulus. Regulus WAS Sirius' younger brother.

Draco used Madame Rosemerta as his vehicle for destruction. Dumbledore and Harry took off from and arrived back in Hogsmead BEcAUSE YOU CANNOT - EVEN IF YOU ARE ALBUS PRECIVEL DUMBLEDORE- APPARATE WITHIN HOGWARTS .you just can't .

Volde wanted to teach at Hogwarts and his employment with Borgin and Burke's in order to find items to make his horcruxs.

Then there is the little matter of no fight at Hogwarts when the death eaters came in between the OOP and Volde's flunkies. Bill got bit by Fenrir Greybeck and Fleur and Molly had a moment. Dumbledore would have never left the castle undefended.

Dumbledore's tribute scene with the wands in the air like you don't care version of a bad 80's hair band concert - - deplorable.

Finally, what the hell was the Children of the Corn scene? The scene in the book where the MoM came with Percy to the Burrow at Christmas could have easily and accurately displayed here - It was here that Harry told the Minister that he was through and through loyal to Dumbledore. The Ministry and all of their protective measures were almost as heinous as what Voldemort and his death eaters were doing. Instead we had Bellatrix and Scary McSurly leaving smoke trails through a corn field at Christmas (corn does not grow at Christmas in England ) poor poor choice.

I left the theatre sad about what I had scene - the movie could have been so much more and it wasn't. It was just a movie based loosely on a book.

As for the PG rating - it was fine. Very little in this book was scary, I think that joey could watch and enjoy it - unlike the 4th and 5th installments. this movie was almost light and happy.

So there you have it - that's what i have to say about that