Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And On the Second Day

there was a great void. Silence filled the house and no cartoons (or game shows) were watched.

Today is the second day of school. I like to think of it as benchmark day. This is the day that will be an indicator of how the rest of the school year will we go. The newness is starting to wear off and the reality of nine months of formal learning will start.

Charles had a good day yesterday. Can I just say I LOVE high school? I L-O-V-E LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it. Charles needed schedule changes. I emailed his counselor and poof they were done - correctly with no gnashing of teeth or swear words. Algebra I and Creative Writing - POOF gone and hello PreAP Geometry and AVID. I LOVE high school. with all the books he's carrying around he's going to bulk up by Christmas.

Tommy had a good first day back. He is so excited to have a locker. There was no homework and his friend saved him a seat on the bus. Really it was a GREAT day.

Joey liked school but did not get to eat his snack and had recess BEFORe lunch - which upset his whole sense of order and justice. He also did NOT get to eat his snack so some one might have to die - he was not amused (proof that the apple does not fall far from it's tree.

What a difference a year makes. Last year on the first day of school, Eric and I walked Joey and Tommy to their classrooms. On the second day, I was prepared to walk Joey to the front door and kiss him goodbye. We got to the cross walk and told me he didn't need any help - he had Tommy and really Tommy was useless so he was good. I kissed him goodbye and watched the boys walk across the street. This year I told Joey i'd help him walk across the street. The he could go in the rest of the way by himself. We crossed the street and I kissed him goodbye and stood and watched as he started up the walk to the front door. Joey kept turning around to make sure I was there. each step he took got shorter and he moved slower. It was a step step - turn and wave at mom. He got the the drive and just stopped and then turn around and came back to me. He needed me to walk him to the school.