Friday, March 30, 2007

Things I didn't know but do now.

1. Slugs don't like rain. we left the slugs outside in their terracotta container. All the rain left them, well dead. Put a fork in them call the coroner dead.

2. Joey would mourn the death of Furball and Spooky like we mourn family members. He cried and cired even after I assured him they were good slugs and in slug heaven.

3. Slugs bite. This I am taking on faith. Joey said Shadow tried to bite him so Joey squished him in his fingers and Shadow went sqwoosh.

4. It can rain over three inches in a day and we can have a lake in our back yard.

5. The weather guys think we are in drought ending rain cycle - WOOHOO.

6. I'll have to come up wwith a new excuse for killing the flowers in my flower beds.

7. Pink suede garden gloves don't make you a gardener

8. Plants need fertilizer, water and well, water.

9. Roses are easy to grow.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Who Needs Larry Curly and Moe

when you have Furball, Spooky and Shadow?

Today, the kids and I decided, well okay they didn't decde they were informed, *I* did the actual deciding, that it was time to prepare the front flower bed for planting.

Last year, the drought killed all the stuff we put there and the landscape fabric kept the ground moist allowing grass to grow up through the fabric. We left it because in August it was the ONLY green grass we had and I was seriously green with envy. The grass stayed. I'd take off my shoes and let me toes bask in it's lush greeness. I'm kind of kooky like that.

So today, because the boys were aggrivating me and I am in need of stress relief we tore it all out. As we lifted the fabric and now dead suffocating grass off, we found grubs. How the grubs survived in our clay soil I'll never know but they were there. Charles and Thomas found them amusing but icky. Joey on the other hand fell in love with them. He went and got an empty clay pot and put the grubs in there with a bit of mulch. He named them. He chased his bigger brothers with them because they were scared to touch them.

So now, in a terra cotta pot with moist soil live Furball, Spooky and Shadow.

Our cat Broccoli, also named by Joey, is envious of the cool worm names.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dream Dream Dream

In case you missed it, ABC has a new show- The Great American Dream Vote. Let's just say ABC is reaching.

The premise of the show is simple. Two people with similar needs battle each other - verbally - for a prize. The winner of each round wins a chance to compete with other round winners for their particular selected prize. America I guess gets to vote for the best winner.

In the first round was men who were prematurely bald. One guy was 22 and had been bald since he was 17. He looked 43. The other guy just needed to shave his head. He was 25 and looked good bald. He just wanted hair so he could propose to his girlfriend. She didn't know that's why he hadn't popped the question - I guess she does now.

The next round was two beuty queen moms. They wanted their daughters to have a chnace to compete to be Miss America or Miss Rodeo America. The Miss America wannabe mom abd the daughter were faker than Pamela Andersons boobs and sweeter than sachrine with a Nutra sweet chaser - she donated her crowns to kids who had cancer and kids went to heaven with her crowns. She couldn't carry pitch in a bucket.

Whatever. Some dude NEEDS a head of hair and this compares to a fake little brat who wants to be a beauty queen HOW?

THen we have the dude who wants to open a chicken theme park and a woman who wanted to open a basset hound ark for old basset hounds. Get a clue dude. I don't want to pet and cuddle a chicken. I want it battered a deep fried.

Then there are the guys who wants to have a love song he wrote to be sung by a professional for his wife. The other guy wanted money to open a flower shop for his wife. Both of these guys get points because they want to do something for their wives. I bet anything that Donny Osmond is the "famous singer" who's going to sing the love song.

Come on guys? Did ypou see the bald 22 year old? HE NEEDS hair.

But still - how long is this show going o last?

Is America really going to vote? We get 20% voter turnout for a Presidentail election and it's great. There's no crappy singers with pineapple heair or fat celebrities in sequins gliding across a dance floor to lure us into voting.

Time Time all I need is Time

Here we are- less than a month out from the big convention and I am up to my eyeballs in projects.

Just looking at my "List of Thigs to Do" makes me want to hyperventilate and drink heavily.

I have forgotten more than I care to admit.

So what am I doing instead of crossing things off my list?

I am blogging.

I am searching the web.

I'd like to call it stress relief.

It's not, it's really procrastination.

I believe myself when I say it's sress relief though.

I also believe myself when I tell myself that choclate and margaritas are medicinal.

They are right?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Things i'd love to say out loud

but because it's Lent and i volunteered to do this job I won't.

am cranky cranky CRANKY - to the dude that sent an ad for my program book from his Knights of Columbus - KNIGHTS is NOT NIGHTS - I corrected it for ya. Yer welcome

To the Catholic Daughter Courts that spell biennial BI ANNUAL - I fixed it - your welcome

We are NOT hosting an annual convention nor is it semi-annual.

Unity nd Charity should be Unity AND Charity

and there isn't a city spelled Ft, Werth - i checked - three times.

Hand written ads on a post it note are not CAMERA READY

Neither are printed out ads with writing on them

Nor are cut up and glued ads on funky paper.

If your pictures looks like a grainy pile of crap when you print them and send them in - it's gonna look worse when it's scanned - luckily for you, I'm talented.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

On the verge of four

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In less than a month my youngest son will turn four. My baby baby will be four. I have to stop and think about where the time has gone. He no longer looks like a baby, even his toddlerishness is gone. He looks more and more like a little boy, less like my baby every day.

I love that he is independent and has a moind and thoughts, that he's all to willing to share, of his own. I love that he has an imagination and a zest for life. He, at 3 almost four gives meaning to seize the day. He makes me laugh and gives my heart a special beat. Plus he's pretty darned cute.

He's my baby.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Hell HAs Frozen Over

This is not a rant about the weather - really it's not. The weather here has been close to perfect, we even woke up this morning to discover it had rained.

But yes, some where , like here, Hell has frozen over. One of MY children signed up for a team sport. Charles , the oldest is not a team sports player. He likes it to be all about him and competeing withhimself, he's like his mother like that. He also is basically lazy when it comes to sports - me again.

Tommy it seems, is our joiner. He convoinced us that baseball would be fun. He'd LOVE to play baseball.

I'd rather poke something sharp in my eye.

I hate group sports.

I hate sitting in the hot sun watching group sports.

I hate sitting in the hot sun watching group sports with out an icy cold alcoholic beverage even more.

But, I will go and cheer my son on because that's what moms do.

I wish though, he'd adopted his brother's policy of not liking to sweat and run in the hot August sun.

I tried in vain to get Tommy to sign up for hockey. When it's 103° in the shade, I'd much rather sit in a cool hockey stadium that in a weedy, seedy baseball field on metal bleachers and emboss theose little lines into the back of my legs. Oh well.

He'll learn about cooperation and team work right?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

In Like a Lamb

It's hard to believe it's March.

Blustery rainy and cold and windy one day warm and sunny the next day March.

At the end of the month, 2007 is 1/4 over March.

Spring Break March

ST. Patrick's Day March.

when I was in elementary school, I remember the saying in like a lion out like a lamb to describe this month.

The premise is that March roars in cold and blustery like a lion and exits into April gentle, like a lamb.

SO far we've had the lamb first.