Friday, December 15, 2006


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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Love thursday - okay not so much

I'm toxic this week, I'll tell you. I was attempting to get a Christmas card photo of the kids (yes I know it's the 14th - I have until epiphany to get the cards out - another good thing about being catholic - it allows for procrastinatioerrr preparation)

ANYWAY - my digital camera stopped working mid picture - the lens went in and stopped halfway and won'r go back in.

The dishwasher overflowed today too. It's a good thing I didn't just turn it on and go to bed last night because I'd have woken up to a mess.

Eric will be home tomorrow. I am thinking that is wise - if left to my own devices I'd blow something up.

I am supposed to meet a friend for lunch - but I'm not. I am afraid I'll total the van or something.

At least I have my fluffy socks.

Love Thursday

eric is still gone and I am starting to get lonely. The dog and cat are warm enough and furry enough. But I miss my husband. I enjoy spreading out in the bed but I miss the feel of his slumbering body beside mine I miss the way my hand reaches out for him in my sleep and finding him. I miss the feel of his hand on my body as he does the same thing.

Just one more night of being alone.

But there are somethings I do love today.

I love that it is a school day.

I love that the kids will get to see santa tonight as the jolly old elf drives through my neighborhood on a fire truck.

I love good looking fireman (see I'm really lonely)

I love my socks - seriously if you do not have a pair of Socks to stay Home in - BUY SOME. Forget aniumated penguins that sound like robin williams - these socks make for HAPPY feet.

I love my red wall because the color makes me happy

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Little Bird of Happiness crapped on my head

Eric is in Austin this week so the boys and I are single parenting it.

Joey is going through an "I love Daddy" phase. Mommy of course sucks.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO last night, the door knob going into the launbdry room breaks - Joey was in the laundry room alone getting his jammies and my pool sarong from the dryer. I jerryrigged it and got the door open and the dryer reloaded and running.

Then, this morning the alarm didn't go off - Joey turned off the alarm thingy on the clock - I diodn't notice and because he's in an I love daddy phase and daddy isn't here - he's not gone to sleep before midnight - just sure that if he screams loud enough and stays awake long enough - daddy will show up.

So we got up late.

Tommy went into the laundry room to get socks and shut the door.

At the same time - Charles was cooking eggs for breakfast and the stove top went out (the microwave died on Tuesday but it was old - older than my marriagae old so it was on borrowed time)

I freed Tommy, gave him peanut butter toast and sent him to school.

We got the eggs cooked and sent Charles off to school and thanked God for the coffee maker and it's espresso making capabilities and starbucks coffee.

I did get all but one burner on my stove working. Eric says he knows what's wrong with the burner.

At least it's still going to be 70.

If the coffeemaker stops brewing tomorrow I am taking it as a sign and calling in lazy and staying in my jammies.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday Tuesday

and all is well.

I have been trying for two weeks now, to get the boys together for a Christmas card shot. Anyone with children knows, getting all of the children to look the same direction and smile - a real smile - not some concotion of a smile, grimace or look of pain - is a feat. It's like eatting melting jello with a fork.

I found, brown shirts for the bigger boys, but not for Joey so he was going to wear green. we were going to sport a rustic look for our card photo. I had however been procrastinating taking the photo. Something always got in the way - first it was a booked schedule. Then it was homework. finally, it was freezing rain and ice. No one wanted to take a picture in the sleet - go figure.

Saturday, my procrastination paid off. While shopping at Penney's, I found sweaters, all in the same colors for the three boys. So tady, after the homework is done, we are heading up to the park to attempt to get a good shot, of all three kids, worthy of our Christmas card.

Here's our Santa photo- taken back before Thanksgiving:
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Friday, December 08, 2006

Tradition Tradition!

We have quite a few traditions that make our Advent Season special.

First, we set up our nativity Set in Pieces. we start with the sheep th first week and then shepards the next. Joseph and mary start their trip to the fireplace the second week of Advent and I move them closer each day. The third week the angels makes her apperance and on Christmas eve Mary and Joseph finally make it to the manger. Baby Jesus arrives Christmas morning along with the Santa gifts. The younger kids think santa delivers baby Jesus. Once the Christmas seson starts the wisemen make their way to the stable. Last year, we had a nice collection of Little People animals joining the manger scence so Jesus was created by a giraffe, hippo, alligator and elephant in additon to the cows and sheep.

Our Second tradition is the Advent Chain. We string together a purple and pink chain of paper strips and place them on the tree. Last year the origional chain, started in 1995 finally died a painful death so this year, we start with a new chain.

The week the kids get out of school is baking week. we make various treats and goodies. we start it off with Sugar cookies. I mix the dough and chill it after the kids go to school the last day. Then, after dinner we roll them out and cut them and bake them. we eat cookies and drink cocoa in front of the fire and watch the Grinch. we finish up with M&M cookies on Chjristmas Eve made by dad and the boys for Santa.

On Christmas eve, while we are at Mass, the elves deliver pajamas to the boys. They are always delivered by the front door in plain white boxes with red ribbons.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tis the season to be jolly - or not

Conversation at our house Tuesday- as we were putting up the rest of the Christmas stuff.

Tommy; Mom why are all our decorations either snow flakes or snowman or icicles to go along with Jesus?

Charles - duh it's jesus birthday

Tommy I KNOW buthead

Me: Don't call your brother butthead

Tommy: Mom you don't even LIKE snow so why do we have lots of icicles and snowflakes and stuff.

Me: Maybe if we put up enough snow things, God will think we've got enough snow and it won't snow here at all

Tommy: Mom snow flakes are NOT red

Charles - well maybe they are red in hell. Maybe in hell it snows red snow?

Me; In my hell there would be regular snow

Tommy: Charles how do you know that there is red snow in hell?

Charles: I don't know maybe when we die we know. wanna die? I could kill you and you could go to hell and then come back and tell us

Tommy: I would come back and haunt you and talk all the time just like now.

Me: Gee you guys really paid attention in mass on Sunday when they talked about love that comes with preparation and anticipation.