Thursday, April 26, 2007

Love Thursday - concentration

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Monday aftternoon Joey and I decided it was time to blow some bubbles. We went out to the front yard with a bottle of bubbles. we sat in the grass and Joey started blowing. At first he was blowing so hard the bubble solution sprayed out of the wand. Then he realized that he needed to blow softer. evrytime he'd blow, he'd scrunch up his face and would ever so gently blow. That had little effect either. after a few demonstrations from mom, he leared that modertion was the key to getting perfect bubbles to float and dance across the yard until the popped with a gentle plop in the spring breeze.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Fiesta rose - Favorite Photo Friday

Fiesta rose
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This is one of the first roses off my biggest bush

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Today, I Struggle

Today, as it has since Monday, my heart aches for my friend Karla. Karla lost her daughter McKenzie on Monday. McKenzie had health issues but still. Four years old is way too young to die. My heart breaks for Karla because she won't have the good night kisses and bedtime stories and "just one more glass of water Mama" from her youngest child any more. Karla will have one lees first day of kindergaten and one less high school graduation to attend. There will be one less prom and one less wedding. Instead she'll have anm empty spot in her home and heart. Instead there will be some one missing. Some one missing at the table some one missing from family pictures someone missing freom their lives - forever.

My heart aches for as it breaks just a little when I think of the two baies I lost, and those baies lost by my friends. I know, in heaven, McKenzie is with all of our angels. She's healthy and whole and shining in the light of the Lord. Yet, down here, Karla and her family have a hole in their hearts and grief that now, I'm sure, seems overwhelming. McKenzie was here and now she's not. Now she is wrpapped in the Savior's love, born again in Him. McKenzie's cross has been taken and today she flies.

So tonight at 5PM I'm going to hug my children a little tighter and I'll give them more kisses - even the 11 year old who thinks he's too cool. And we'll think of McKenzie. we'll thank God for her life and ask Goid to hold her family in His heart and guide them as they mourn and heal.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

I just saw Rocks in the dryer WFMW - this week she's covering birthdays.

I am not a fan of parties at places like the House of Rat (what I refer to Chuck E Cheese as) and places like that. Crappy overpriced pizza and all those seizure iduced lights and bells and singing rats make me want to consume large quantities of liqour. I much prefer home parties. My favorite party tip is leave the cake and ice cream for the last. That way you sugar the kids up, hand them bags of more and more sugar and send them on their merry way.

Howecver my best partty tip involves individual serving sizes of everything. At my oldest's last birthday party we did a kite theme. The kids eacg got a kite to tke home and it was an instant party game. To make feeding the kids easier we did pizza, veggeies and dip and individual serrvings of chips and juice boxes I bought a variety pack and the kids got to pick their favorite. I alkso bought individual serving sizes of ice cream and a cup cake cake so there was no slicing. The kids loved it because they got a choice. I loved it because clean up was easy.

Monday, April 09, 2007


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Every Girl is Crazy About a Sharp Dressed Man

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Joey has been dressing himself for a year and a half now, but I've always picked out what he wears, or I get one of his brothers to pick him out something. It's hard to mismatch shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of white socks.

Friday morning though, Joey decided he'd dress himslf.

I am not sure if yyou can see the shorts but they are red, white and blue plaid. He also insisted on wearing the tie that went with his Easter suit. Joey is ver proud of the tie.

The fashion police are going to LOVE him.

This picture I will save, and share with his friends when he's a snarly, hormonal teenage boy.

I asked him if he looked good. He said he did.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


48 things I love about joey on his fourth birthday

1 You came into this world sunny side up and peeing and you've made it your OWN way since.

2. You are my mini me from your blonde hair and blue eyes to the way you walk and stand - except you are male.

3. Your made up Dog Cat Bee game and the way you always HAVE to be the cat.

4. The way you were brave enough to touch the slugs in the flower bed - and your big brothers weren't.

5. They way you sleep "with your eyes open"

6. The way you defend yourself against your big brothers.

7. The way you refuse to call brown brown but insead chocolate.

8. The way you LOVE chocoalte

9. The way you tell everyone you are a kid not a baby.

10. The way you insisit I give you a kiss.

11. The saddness you felt when your grubs died and went to slug heaven.

12 The way you nap on the dog and she lets you because you are you.

13 the way you belly laugh

14 because you make me mud pies everytime it rains - even if you do use the dog's bowl.

15 The way you got up and hugged Charles on Christmas morning because he bought you real kid crayons not baby crayons.

16 I love how you know exactly what you want and you aren't afraid to tell us - again and again and again

17. The way you dance with your shadow

18 the way you FLY in the swing

19 The way you think any day missed at the park is not worth living.

20 The way you love Alex the Lion

21 The way you like to sing Move it Move it

22. Your Joey dance

23. The way you delight in watering flowers with the watering can. The can weighs more than you but you still try to water the flowers

24 the cute way you say "can you help me?"

25 your monster roars.

26 the way you delight in simple things like blowing dandelion fluff.

27. The way you pull your chair to the counter to help me in the kitchen

28 the way you say "I'm HOOOOOOONGRY mommy"

29. Your vivid blue eyes

30 the way your eyes sparkle when you are happy

31 your love of frog shirts

32 the way you insist on wearing any shirt with a design backwards so other people can see the design.

33 The way you love peanut butter and jelly and would it it every day

34 the way you "read"

35 the way you like to "help"

36 the way you like my flimsy sloaty skirts, you carry them around and hold them next to because you like the faric

37. your love of my chicken slippers and how you "let" me wear them

38 the way you suck your fingers when you are sleepy -even though we shouldn't let you.

39 the way you like to cuddle in my "big girl bed" and watch sesame street every morning - before you do anything

40. the anal way you "organize" everyone's shoes by the front door.

41 your sweet smile

42 your belief that chocolate goes with everything

43 today you told everyone you are 55.

44 and you believed it

45 the way you insist you can do anything the big boys do and you do.

46 the way you still need snuggles with mommy

47 the way you let me paint your toenails and then showed your father

48 the fact that you are my baby. The baby I dreamed of and prayed for.