Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Change in the Air?

It's time for school to start.

It's not the back to school ads or the cheap school supplies at walMart that tell me this - it's the attitudes of my children.

They are being bratty and snotty because they are bored.

It's too hot by 10 AM to go to the pool and the mall has lost it's allure. The video store is picked clean and honestly, I have to watch one more episode of a child aged program I'll go off on some one - so it is time for school to stzart.

Next week, we'll begin our school week

Friday, July 18, 2008

Things that try a pregnant woman's soul

or appetite.

Since Eric is sleeping at church with the campers so they re all on time for tomorrow's 6 AM departure, I decided to NOt cook. I ordered pizza from pizzahut.com.

My boycot of pizzahut for super slow delivery times and updates in their online ordering system have deleted my old user name.

It took me three log in attempts before they told me my acoount no longer existed. It took me 30 minutes to order the darn pizza and wings. I'm hungry - I want easy.

So I finally get my order entered and then it came time to recreate my account. This exercise in futility would be good for teaching your preschooler his address because oyvey - this wasn't right, that wasn't right and then this was incorrect and finally my user name was taken (uh yeah I took it two years ago)

each change resulted in me having to fill out the dadburned form all over again.


Finally - just as we get to the end a little pop up add appears - would I like to order apple pies .

Dude - I've been trying to order food for 30 minutes you bet your sweet bippy I want apple pie.

It should be here at 6:57.

After 6 PM and

He's out the door.

his trunk is packed and he's on his way.

He wasn't worried but I almost killed him.

Almost four o'clock

and now the trunk now holds a deflated beach ball, a hammock, a package of AAA batteries, the pair of water shoes, a book, his mess kit, and his cot.

We still don't have any clothes packed. They are still are in the dryer.

Thirteen going in three

The oldest kid is getting ready to go to summer camp. He leaves tonight and as of this instant, his trunk is empty - save a pair of hiking boots and one water shoe.

He leaves at 6PM.

The child is going to Colorado - so it's not like we can just drive up with what he needs. It's not like this is his first year at summer camp either - he KNOWS he needs to be packed.

As of right now he has three shirts, enough pants and his swimwear. He has one pair of socks and one pair of underwear.
I pity the person he tents with - that's gonna be stinky

"But mom I can wear my swimsuit one day"

"No child you are going to the MOUNTAINS in COLORADO - the high is our LOW - this time of year, it is going to be in the low 40's at night you are not going to walk around in your swim trunks."

"but mom"

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Days - Drifting Away

Sad but true, we are in the middle of summer vacation. Before we know it kids will be back in school. The sun will dip into the sky a little earlier each night and we'll return to our hustle and bustle of activities.

Dog Pile

This summer has been slow for us. We've been lazy and, with the exception of the weekly movie at AMC's summer movie camp, we've not gone much.

Piggy Back

We've been to the pool numerous times and celebrated the fourth of July Charles' birthday - but not much else has happened. And we like it. We are enjoying the slower pace.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm Wordle

What a difference a number makes

When it comes to children how many is too many and who gets to determine that?

we are expecting - a newly conceived fourth child. A child that is wanted and will be well loved. Most people are happy for us but there have been a few- "y'all have too many kids" and "don't you guys know what causes that."

I have heard from my friends who have more children than we do - that this is common and that it does hurt to hear. Indeed it does. We are not stupid nor are we living in abject poverty. we don't drink or smoke or use crack. We raise our children with the idea that THEY are our responsibility and we are responsible for their development.

One hundred years ago - four children was almost a small family. But as families become smaller and smaller - four is A lot.

I guess miscarriages have softened me. But I see every child as a blessing - a gift from God.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Some things MeMe


What Was I Doing 10 Years Ago?

July 1998.....I was living in New Mexico and had just found out we were expecting Tommy. (funny how were expecting again due the same day)

5 Things On My To-Do List Today
1. Mop the kitchen and bathroom floors
2. Clean the bathrooms
3. Finish up my invitations
4. fertilize the back yard
5. water the front yard

5 Snacks I Enjoy

1. Dark chocolate
2. Pickles
3. Bean and cheese nachoes
4. Chips and salsa
5. pretzels

5 Things I Would Do If I Were A Billionaire
1. Buy a house in the Hill Country and raise peaches
2. Move my parents out by me
3. Be totally debt free
4. Go to Europe first class
5. Set up a scholarship fund

5 Places I Have Lived
1. New Mexico
2. Weisbaden Germany
3 Arkansas
4 san Antonio
5. Here