Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Note

My oldest son, Charles is 11.

He's smart and he knows it.

There is little that can prepare you for the day you realize your child has an interest in the opposite sex, or let me reiterate, the opposite sex has an interest in your child.

Charles has a nasty habit of leaving things in his pockets. As the doer of the family wash, I've learned to alway check Charles'pockets. He usually leaves things in his pocket like paper, pens, rocks and paper clips. These things do not wash well.

While doing the wash, I came across a note in Charles' pocket. The note was scribbled in pink ink. Pink is not a color charles is fond of. The note was from a girl. Her name is Joi.Joi signs her name with hearts over the i's. She waned to eat lunch with him and she made him mad.

I asked Charles about the note, feeling him out to see if he liked this girl in the way that sixth graders like each other.

He didn't know her. She sat in his desk in the class before him. She likes him . She's mad though because he is friends with haley.

He told me, in all seriousness,

"Mom it's hard to be this good looking"

I didn't laugh.

Out loud.

In front of him.

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