Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How to Take a Christmas Card Photo - or Not

Did y'all know Christmas is 4 months and three days away? Time to start thinking about that christmas card photo

Trying to get three kids and a dog (Because she needed to be in the shots too) to look the same way is like trying to give a cat a pill.

Brothers Three

attempt 1

YAY! It's almost Christmas (oh dear )

it was thiiiiiiiiiis big

Notice the dog creeping in - she wants to be in the card this year too.

can we all look at the camera please

we'll look anywhere BUT at mom - notice the dog tail

still no

What kids? I didn't see any kids. I need to be in the card shot too mom (this one cracks me up)\

what kids????

Make sure you get my best side mom - hey what's that laughing sound?

you kids aren't important - it's all about ME!

Rabi SIT down!

I am sure MOm wants ME in the picture

then the karate chopping started - nothing says "Peace on Earth" like karate chop to your brother's head.

everyone move that way
This should have been my cue to stop

the dog wants in the shot

but I didn't this is getting close

three boys


brothers three and a dog

Then Joey saw a butterfly and took off and Tommy needed a drink (so did I of the adult variety) and the dog had to bark at the mailman. We took a break

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