Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's a hairy situation

and the long and the short of it pertain to my 12 year old.

I spent two hours yesterday debating the vice principal over the size of the hole in my son's jeans and the length of his hair.

It seems two inches of knee is considered sexually distracting.

If I were a brave woman I'd google knee fetishes but honestly, I am afraid of what I'll find. So yeah, we're not even going there.

and then the hair issue came up.

The kneenazi thinks that my child's hair is too long and it should be cut to conform with her standards.

One of us can read for comprehension because nowhere in the our district guidelines does it say that the district may determine an appropriate length of a child's hair. Hair however must be neat and tidy. Further in the book it say principals may relax certain rules but they may not strengthen the rules.

In all honesty - my child is a good student. He's respectful. he's in general a good kid.

There are far more pressing issues in this school that need attention than my child's knees.

Pregnant 11 and 12 year olds - yes do something about that

Kids getting in fights over stupid things - yes deal with that

Kids disrespecting their teachers - hell yeah - punish those kids.

but leave my kid's hair alone

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