Monday, May 14, 2007

Lucky 13

Thirteen years ago today, I was a bride. A 22 year old woman, or so I thought, embarking down the peach rose petal strewn aisle to happily ever after. I would forever be a Mrs. I dreamed of 2.5 kids, a big sheep dog, a white picket fence and a big brick house on the hill, and both of us in careers. . I have the big brick house and a big dog, three kids - I'm not going to be the one to tell Joey he's a half. The only thing I don't have is the career. But eric and I have each other. Sure the first thirteen years have been rocky. We've been broke. We've been broker than broke. We've been aprt physically and sometime emotionally. He's had jobs he hated (read Computer Corner) but he kept because it paid the bills. There've been times I wanted to smother his sleeping body and leave his lifeless body out for bulk pick up. There have been times I am sure he dreamed of doing the same thing to me. We've known grief and loss, when we suffered through miscarriages. We've known great joy, when our three boys were born. We lost his mom (I was sad for him). We've dealt with his dad. We've been friends, lovers and each others best friend for 13 years.

Here are the thirteen reasons ( 156 would be a long long post) why I am still married to my husband

1. Together we made three beautiful boys.

2. You are good at math and I am not - so when it's math homeowrk time I can say - "go ask your father."

3. You laugh at my jokes

4. You, unlike other husbands don't care if I scrapbook - in fact you call and reserve a spot for me JUST because you know I need my sanity

5. You indulged my pregnancy cravings.

6. You went back to Kroger to exchange the granny smith apples when I craved gala apples and I cried because they were granny smith not gala.

7. You actually remember birthdays and anniversaries.

8. You bought me rose bushes for valentine's Day the year we bought our house so I could have roses all the time - not just once or twice a year.

9. Your beard tickles me on the back of the neck - and I love it.

10. You still try to scare me in the shower.

11. You set a good example for our boys as a man of faith

12 You iron

13. You still think I am as beautiful now as I was when we got married.

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