Thursday, May 03, 2007

It's MAY!

and it might finally be warming up. In all honesty, I've enjoyed that it is not so incredibly hot like it has been the past two years. I've enjoyed the violent nature of our spring storms - It's part of being Texan.

Dallas got a new bishop - our seventh on Tuesday. Kevin Joseph Farrell was installed at the cathedral. It was cool to watch the tradition meet the 21st century. The ceremony ancient rite yet carried live over the internet. I like him alrady - he has inflection and tone to his voice. He's nice to listen too.

Tommy makes his First communion Saturday. we're all excited. Other than that, it looks like things are calming down.

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~LL~ said...

I hear you. Yesterday, we were out swinging in the hot humidity. BLECH! It was barely 80. I though, "Man, kind of late in the year to only be in the 80s." LOL! How sad is that? Then I heard not too long ago that this summer might be one of the hottest on record. LOL!