Monday, October 15, 2007

Ask a Stupid Question

Good rainy Monday morning.

Instead of taking our morning excursion to the park, Joey and I are home watch PBS. PBSkid's Sprouts used to show stuff (mean me) liked. Now it's endless hours of Barney, I hate Barney with a putrid purple passion. "I love you" uh yeah bite me pedophile boy.

So PBS it is.

Curios George is up next yet.

Some day I'll learn that my child is the product of his raising and has an answwer to every question.

I asked Joey "How does curios George sound?" meaning how about we watche George?

The answer I got?

Monkey sounds and a a dance.,

Indeed a monkey does sound like OOo eeeeoooh ohh ahhhhhhhhhh ah ah.

Some day I'll learn.

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