Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The letter I should have written in June

but I didn't but will now.

Dear Charles,

You are twelve. for twelve years now, you and I have walked this moer/son road together. You are the child that made me a mother, then a mom and now a mom - sometimes said with exasperation and contempt. In addition to the rand McNally stretch marks on my once flat belly you have made me a large part of who I am. You were the one who got me out of bed at 2 AM and could make me read "just one more story book because my eyes still aren't sleepy". You are the one I learn from this motherhood thing from. You are the one blazing my parenting trail - make the path easier for your brothers. You are the one who made me glad to be the mother of a son and not a daughter. You are my first born son.

Twelve things I love about you

1. As much as I was not fond of your long hair, I love why you grew it out. I love the quiet way you take a stand.

2. I love your quirky, sometimes sarcastic (no clue where you got that from) sense of humour.

3 . The way you call your brothers midgets makes me laugh - when I shouldn't. even though we admonish you for it - we inwardly laugh.

4. I love that even though you are a cool big kid now, you still bring me flowers that you picked - hopefully not from other people's yards.

5. I enjoy watching you become more sure of yourself and your abilities.

6. I am proud of the way, even though it kind of hurts my heart, that you are starting to show you can be independent and can make good decisions.

7. I love the sparkle in your green/brown eyes.

8. I delight in the fact that a good fat book is all you need to amuse yourself.


9. I love watching your imagination come to life

10. The Die Tinky winky song 'nuff said

11. I love that you can make omletes

12 I love the way you love your younest brother - the one you hoped would be a girl.

and one more to grow on

I am glad you are a boys and have way bigger feet than me already so you can never ever borrow my shoes.


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