Saturday, December 01, 2007

Is This Love?

The past week or two, well since I went back to work - part time at Bath and Body Works. I have been doing a lot of thinking. On my second or third day of "real" work (like the chores and laundry and meals aren't work) Eric brought me a cute coke in a little round snowglobe type bottle. He took the kids shopping for things to make dinner and he saw these little bottles and knew I loved them.

I was touched. I mean really really touched that he thought of me and bought me snow globe coke.

I was joking with some one later that - after thirteen years - romance can be summed up buy $1 bottle of coke with a fat bearded guy on it.

we laughed.

That made me think though - and that is romance. He thought about me and did something nice for me just because he knew I'd like it.

Romance is not about sun set strolls on the beach hand and hand - well it us but there aren't many beaches here in Dallas. Romance isn't a hot air balloon ride or boquets of flowers

Romance is the little things.

It's the getting up with the puking kid at 2 AM.

It's the heart cut into a slice of toast or the bag of reece's peanut butter cups you don't have to share.

It's picking up a mini of his favorite ice cream - even though it's $4 - just because it's his favorite and then sharing the ice cream while watching Grey's Anantomy.

It's the silly little things that make me glad I said yes all those years ago.

I guess, that Is indeed love.

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