Friday, May 16, 2008

On Wednesday, Joey and I decided to walk to the park. We went to the red park by the pool not the blue park with the hard brown mulch- there is a difference.

He felt the need to lead the way

Walk On

when we got to the park, he was ready to run

ready to run

As he was climbing into the play are he found a lady bug. He held the bug on his shirt for a minute and the watched it fly away. Ladybugs are a symbol of the Blessed Virgin. The lady bug is a friend of the rose – the Virgin’s flower. Also, the three dots on each side og the bug are said to be a symbol of the Trinity.

Ladybug Ladybug

Up in the tower

After digging in the mulch – he decided to show me how dirty his hands were Joey decided it was fun to make animals with his hands. Here are his Duck Hands – quack quack!

Duck Hands

Here is a flying bird – flying away

I'll Fly Away

What animal hunt would be complete without a snake – y’all know how much I LoVE snakes

Snake Hands

There was of course hissing because what is a snake without lots and lots of scarey hissing?

Of course there was hissing

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