Thursday, May 08, 2008

Should I be Flattered

Because right now, I am flumoxed.

The shoe chick at Stride rite thinks I'm hot.

She likes me.


really, she likes me likes me.

She wants to have drinks AAAAAAAAND with me.

Maybe because I am blonde or maybe because I am so not attracted to women I was totally clueless to the signs and signals she was sendin me.

On Monday she came into my store and was flirting (I didn't recognize it as that - because y'all all know I'll talk to anyone)

Tuesday night - more flirting over the trash compactor. She told me I was the best smelling thing out there. Again I was clueless. I made a joke about Lord only knowing what I demoed that night. I didn't think to be flattered because the trash aroma is rather rank

Then last night she asked me out for drinks and some other types of demoing.

I dropped my teeth, quickly put my trash in the trash compactor and ran back inside.

So the Stride rite shoe chick thinks I'm hot.

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