Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

I just saw Rocks in the dryer WFMW - this week she's covering birthdays.

I am not a fan of parties at places like the House of Rat (what I refer to Chuck E Cheese as) and places like that. Crappy overpriced pizza and all those seizure iduced lights and bells and singing rats make me want to consume large quantities of liqour. I much prefer home parties. My favorite party tip is leave the cake and ice cream for the last. That way you sugar the kids up, hand them bags of more and more sugar and send them on their merry way.

Howecver my best partty tip involves individual serving sizes of everything. At my oldest's last birthday party we did a kite theme. The kids eacg got a kite to tke home and it was an instant party game. To make feeding the kids easier we did pizza, veggeies and dip and individual serrvings of chips and juice boxes I bought a variety pack and the kids got to pick their favorite. I alkso bought individual serving sizes of ice cream and a cup cake cake so there was no slicing. The kids loved it because they got a choice. I loved it because clean up was easy.

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