Thursday, April 19, 2007

Today, I Struggle

Today, as it has since Monday, my heart aches for my friend Karla. Karla lost her daughter McKenzie on Monday. McKenzie had health issues but still. Four years old is way too young to die. My heart breaks for Karla because she won't have the good night kisses and bedtime stories and "just one more glass of water Mama" from her youngest child any more. Karla will have one lees first day of kindergaten and one less high school graduation to attend. There will be one less prom and one less wedding. Instead she'll have anm empty spot in her home and heart. Instead there will be some one missing. Some one missing at the table some one missing from family pictures someone missing freom their lives - forever.

My heart aches for as it breaks just a little when I think of the two baies I lost, and those baies lost by my friends. I know, in heaven, McKenzie is with all of our angels. She's healthy and whole and shining in the light of the Lord. Yet, down here, Karla and her family have a hole in their hearts and grief that now, I'm sure, seems overwhelming. McKenzie was here and now she's not. Now she is wrpapped in the Savior's love, born again in Him. McKenzie's cross has been taken and today she flies.

So tonight at 5PM I'm going to hug my children a little tighter and I'll give them more kisses - even the 11 year old who thinks he's too cool. And we'll think of McKenzie. we'll thank God for her life and ask Goid to hold her family in His heart and guide them as they mourn and heal.

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