Thursday, April 26, 2007

Love Thursday - concentration

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Monday aftternoon Joey and I decided it was time to blow some bubbles. We went out to the front yard with a bottle of bubbles. we sat in the grass and Joey started blowing. At first he was blowing so hard the bubble solution sprayed out of the wand. Then he realized that he needed to blow softer. evrytime he'd blow, he'd scrunch up his face and would ever so gently blow. That had little effect either. after a few demonstrations from mom, he leared that modertion was the key to getting perfect bubbles to float and dance across the yard until the popped with a gentle plop in the spring breeze.

1 comment:

~LL~ said...

I love this pic, too. He looks just like you!

My kids have also discovered the joy of bubbles...while I clean up after them LOL!!!!