Thursday, June 07, 2007

Love is letting your kids wallow in mud like pigs

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Over the past week, I have received numerous comments on these pictures.

People congratulating me on being a good enough mother to let my kids play in the mud.

If allowing my kids to play in the mud, thus leaving me alone for ten minutes or fight with each other for ten minutes makes me a good mother, well I'll take that.

But I have been thinking, why is this so shocking? Why is letting kids wallow in mud like pigs so shocking these days.

I don't have the answer but my boys love dirt and bugs and worms. The love squirmy critters and playing pirates on the lawn furniture or pool toys.

I "allow" this type of behavior because they give me a few minutes peace to post on my blog or clean the bathroom or mop the floor or whatever else it is good mothers do.

Play like this also allows them to build their imaginations and think forthemselves, something video games and talking toys don't.

Also, they are kids, children. They are not accountants or whatever in training, they are not adults in Children's Place clothing. They should be out getting dirty, making mud pies, building forts out of tents and catching bugs.


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