Monday, June 25, 2007

MY Oldest Son - the trouble has only JUST begun.

My oldest child thinks he's suave. He thinks he's cool. He thinks he's sexy in the way that only 12 year old boyc can be sexy. To be honest, I didn't think 12 year olds could BE sexy. But he assures me he is indeed sexy.

We're all for self esteem and having a good sense of body image.

Apparently girls his age find him sexy as well.

We went to our neighborhood's pool night last Saturday for a Neighborhood Night at the Movies. Charles saw some of his buddies at schools and sat by them. He was happy. I was happy. Two girls saw him and got all excited. I overheard one of the girls scanning the scene and telling her her Friend that Charles was there - he's so cute let's go sit by him.

He was happy.

His friends were happy

The wonton hussy girls were happy.

I was so not happy.

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Ivy said...

I had to laugh also but at least:
Isn't it better, that girls like him instead of avoiding him?