Friday, June 01, 2007

Today's Post brought to you by the Letter S

Soak starts with S.

Snack starts with S

so does so, sweat, sck and sweep.

But today, dear readers, the letter of the day stands for SUN and SUCKS.

Today, I depart on a two day campout with my son's Scout troop - also S words.

We are going to Rusk State Park to ride the Texas some thing train. The only steam engine train in operation in Texas - the kids call it the hogwarts express.

But the reason today's word is SUCK because I was awakened this morning my my monthly visit from my red headed aunt. THIS SUCKS.

SUCKS ROCKS and lemonade it does.

I want to lay down on the hot pavement and remove my uterus with a spoon (another s word)

I want to drink medicinal margaritas and eat choclate.


I get to sleep in a tent. On the ground.

I get to carry tampax in my pretty new day pack.

The troop has a no snack rule. That means no chocolate

That sucks.

And the weather man calls for rain not SUN this weekend.

I get to camp in the rain in the wet and bleed like a stuck pig.


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