Friday, March 28, 2008

Analyzing Lent

Happy Easter!

Lent is now OVER OVER with all capital letters O-V-E-R!!!!!!

As a family - well yeah we flunked. We made it three weeks before we gave up giving up TV.

So if we were the grading kind of people which I am - we got 50%. we all know 50% is a big fat F - grade wise.

Visions of family bonding over board games - well yeah those were hallucinations.

After about 25 games of cars Uno with an 8 year old and a four year old who is just learning to read and write - well yeah - I am not that patient.

We did miss all the Obamamessiah and Her Thighness commercials. That was a blessing.

so we try try try again.

1 comment:

~LL~ said...

Hey, 50%....cup half full or half empty? LOL

Obamamessiah. ROFLM(typically white)A off!!!