Saturday, March 08, 2008

Snow Play

I find it funny – that even though we rarely get measurable snow, the kids know exactly what to do when we do

Joey Makes a Snowball

You notice he and his brothers are not wearing gloves. I apparently have no clue when I told them that they needed them to play in the snow because it was colder than a well diggers behind.

Scrunch it up

While he’s looking for a target – he didn’t know his big brother had a snow ball aimed at his head

Snow Ball Joe

Seconds later he got hit in the head by his oldest brother.

Target acquired

Tossing a Snowball

Poor Daddy.

Charles took the more is better additude when it came to making snowballs (Joey liked his round and Tommy liked his packed and hard)

Chunking Snow

Socks as mittens? Why not – Tommy grew enough since last wintere that his old gloves wouldn’t fit so he pulled some garden socks out of the garage and put them on

Tommy Scoops it Up

Bunch It Up

Tommy was the only one brave wnough to lay in the snow and make a snow angel

Snow Angel

snow angel again

and in grey

What would winter be without an epic Snowball fight (notice everyone has finally relized mom is right and they did need gloves in the snow – but Joey took of his hat because it was making his head hot)

Snowball Fight

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