Monday, March 10, 2008

Is it THAt time already?

Joey was watching his kid shows this morning. As I looked up from scrubbing the kitchen counter I noticed that PBS si having another pledge break.

I mean really? Do they need to do this every three months? Just how much does it cost to air the same six episodes of cailou? I have seen these episodes since Tommy was 2.

I donated in November but they manage to make me feel guilty now -especially when the indian woman with the high class British accent says "inculcates" Any one who uses that kind of word to get money from people watching kid TV makes me want to run for my wallet and grab my VISA.

Then I remember I still hadn't gotten my mystery box for my "last donation of $50 or more"


~LL~ said...

Ugh, I KWYM!! Right when I get used to the "regularly scheduled program" they disrupt the schedule to beg for money!!!

Mary W. said...

but PBS inculcates a love of learning