Thursday, April 03, 2008

Five Years Ago Today

Five years ago, today, Joey was born. He was the answer to a prayer. He was wanted and, after two miscarriages needed. He filled a void in my heart.

His entrance into the world was dramatic and scary. He had a knot in his cord that was pulled tight. I had an issue with my blood pressure that caused his 37 week arrival. But, after all was said and done – he was in my arms, big, beautiful and healthy.

8 Days Old - April 2003

Now, my baby boy is five. I look at him running alongside his brothers or learning to write his name and I wonder how time could have passed so quickly? Soon enough – way too soon – those little hands that always reach for mine when we go anywhere will be waving goodbye and headed off into adulthood.

Feeling Silly on His Birthday

He is so much like me, it’s not funny. He is obstinate. He is determined. He’s happiest when he’s creating something, either on paper or beside me in the kitchen.

So to my sweet blonde haired blue-eyed mini me – Happy Birthday!

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Anonymous said...

I was just hopping around reading and clicked on your blog because I saw you were from Texas. Your son was a beautiful baby and is a beautiful little boy. those eyes...omg the blue! They do grow up so quickly. My Boy is almost oldest 23. Enjoy your time with him.