Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Line in The sand - Jedi Style

Line in the Sand

I've written before of Joey's love of all things Star Wars. It is a love he gets from his father. Joey would like nothing more than to be a Jedi Warrior. For his birthday, we bought him a light saber. It has been a part of his anatomy since.

This year at our house, Charles has been taking texas History. They finished the Alamo and the Independence of Texas just after Christmas. Charles has led Tommy and Joey in the fight for the Alamo and Colonel William B Travis' speech on the braveness yet daunting task that lay ahead for the 190 men who defended the Alamo. They have reenacted the line in the sand many times. Being good texas boys (for the record Tommy was born EAST of the rio Grand and if we stand by the sovreignty of our origional borders - he was born in Texas by 8 miles) .

Last weekend, Joey was playing with his light saber in the back yard and he began his version of the Travis speech and line in the sand.

His take is that if JEDITEXANS had fought the battle a few would have been saved and there would have been no reason for San jacinto. Light sabers are more powerful than steel swords, cannons and bullets. and the tiger tale for balance would have let the Mexican army know that the JediTexans meant business.

Oh to have the imagination of a five year old.


robyn said...

Is that pink nail polish on his toes? Cuz it looks like pink. Maybe fuschia? :-)

~LL~ said...

Aw....I can't believe our little guys are FIVE!!!

Anonymous said...

I was just reading your header and I noticed you have a dog and 3 cats... so do we. Over here it is me, the man, 4 boys, 1 dog (female) and 3 cats (male)... I'm so outnumbered it is ridiculous!

at least you probably have your own bathroom *sigh*