Saturday, April 12, 2008

Oh what a Happy Day

Hobby Lobby opened just down the street from me yesterday.

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I LOVE Hobby Lobby.

My friends and I went and sat out in front of the store at 8 Am yesterday JUST so we could be first in the store.. Losers, we know but you have no idea how exciting it is not to have to sit in traffic for an hour to go ten miles for a craft supply fix.

When it was first announced that there would be a Hobby Lobby in the strip mall at the end of the block I was in oblivion. When they started building the center - Eric wanted the gym to open first, I wanted the Hobby Lobby to open first. I won :-)

Now I can craft to my heart's desire. And who doesn't love scrapbook paper 5 for $1. Now all I need is a local scrapbook shop to go in next to Starbucks and life here in the Little E will be complete.

Oh and the "but it supports our tax base and it's in our school tax base" discussions will be coming soon to a house near me.

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~LL~ said...

WOOT! LOVE the Lobby!