Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Okay, So how does a chicken place RUN out of Chicken?

Sunday, on the way home from work I decided to stop by KFC for dinner for myself, since Eric was out of town and I was sure the kids (meaning Charles) didn't save me anything.

So my friend Angela and I swing through KFC/Long John Silvers.

When we noticed the long line behind the order box and no one actually pulling through to the pick up window that should have been a clue that something was afoot at the KFC.

But, no.

We're both Blonde.

We're a little slow and we just got off of work and we were both hungry moms and - that (Okay a digression who is the new guy hosting Millionaire - what happened to Meredith?). - that erases any error in judgement we may have made.

We get to the order window and we tell the guy that we had TWO separate orders.

I make my order. I wanted the two piece meal with mashed potatoes and cole slaw.

He asks me if I wanted grilled or fried.

I told him I wanted fried.

(okay another digression - who is Billy Bush?)

He repeats my order back to me - a two piece grilled meal

I tell him no, I wanted fried - both dark meat.

He repeats the order back to me - a two piece white grilled meal

I repeat myself again.

This battle of wills goes on for two minutes.

He finally asks me to tell him what picture I ama looking at on the menu.

We tell him - in unison.

Then he asks me what two sides I wanted.

How my head didn't explode I don't know.

He tells me how much my order will be.

By this time, we've been at the order window for five minutes

Angela hadn't ordered yet.

She need food fer her whole family.

It wasn't good.

Green beans and fries don't sound in anyway similar.

They do not.

She wanted chicken and not fish.

She needed two orders of mashed potatoes and one order of coleslaw.

This shouldn't have been hard. It's chicken, potatoes and coleslaw.

It was.

Then he rings the order together.

We get that undone and we finally move up to pick up the order.

My order comes out. I pay for it and he shuts the window.

So we wait.

And then we wait

and we wait some more.

He opens the wndow and asks if we forgot anything

Um - YEAH the rest of the food.

He hands us a bag and we ask if this is everything.

We should have checked.

Apparently my friend Danielle's husband was behind us

they didn't get chicken

because KFC ran out of chicken?

How can KFC run out of chicken?

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