Friday, April 24, 2009

This Place is a Zoo!

Of course it was because it was an actual zoo.

I don't know what I expected going on a school sponsored filed trip - it's not like this district is run by people that have a sense. But still Eric and I went on the kindergarten class field trip to the Fort Worth Zoo ( the Dallas Zoo is better I thought).

We were SUPPOSED to leave at 9 AM - we didn't and then the busses too the backasswards way of going - you know opposite of the way the school secretary handed out. The the new bus driver was in the middle and went 55 down the I-35. Needless to say, the trip took longer than expected. This week is school week at the zoo so traffic getting into the zoo was lined up for miles. We had to park in the grass. Then we had to eat.

That being said, we had an hour and fifteen minutes to see the zoo. There were no bears. We were disappointed in the trip.

And really - if I treated my customers the way the zoo customer service people behaved - I'd get fired.

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