Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So here we are - three months post having a GIRL

and the changes and differences are mazing.

This little girl has the household wrapped around her sweet dimpled fingers and she knows it and uses it to her cute baby advantage.

Her brothers adore her. They will do anything to make her smile and then argue about who cam=n or who did make her smile or laugh the biggest. This can be blood sport. The competition is fierce. It amazes me to see how the boys will knock each other around and then two seconds later coo and talk to their sister.

She uses this to her advantage. She can roll herself over now. This is an issue because she does not like to be on her tummy. So she rolls over and calls to her brothers - which ever one is closest. She cries - not a real "I'm unhappy and have tears" cry but a "Come help me because I want to see how fast you can dance attendance one me" cry. This works every time - multiple times in a row because she has learned boys are basically stupid when it comes to cute girls.

The relationship between Madaleine and her daddy is amazing as well. He loves her in a way that melts my heart. I dotes on her in ways that he didn't with the boys. She has to match and he cares about her hair (this could be also because she is the first to HAVE hair) and that she wears a diaper cover under her dress because no one can see her diaper - this cracks me up. He spends as much time in the baby girl section as I do - well almost. He told me the other day he was unsure about our world becoming a pink festooned world but it's grown on him.

I have an addiction - to cute little girl outfits - she needs them all - in every size with headbands and hair bows and shoes to match.

She completes us in ways that I didn't know we were missing.

She I think is going to be a lucky little girl. When she's Charles' age she's not going to be one of those girls who seeks out the attention of boys to make herself feel good because she has that from her brothers. She is never going to doubt that she nneds a boy to make her feel good about herself and that she is going to be good enough - rather boys are going to have to be good enough to her. She'll know how to play hard and dirty. She'll be rough and tough and feminine and girly at the same time.

She is indeed a lucky little girl.

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