Thursday, May 14, 2009

So I Went to Hobby Lobby for Book Report Supplies

and while I was picking up some little thingies to go into a the project I started wondering - whatever happened to actually writing a book report? Charles has been in school nine years now and he has never once written a book report. He's made a sandwich out of story elements. He's created a movie poster about a book. He's even made a power point about a book but he has never once written an book report. He also has never written a term paper or essay and he's in the Pre AP program.

How do schools expect students to learn to write coherent thoughts? How does making a sandwich out of the plot, characters, main idea, and climax of a story teach children critical thinking skills? How will this help him get into college? How will he handle having to write that term paper in Freshman Comp?

I sit here and imagine the look on Dr. Pressman or Sister Anne's face as today's high school graduates attempt to turn a "story sandwich on War and Peace or Little Women. It make me laugh - visions of smoke coming out of the tape recorder of death - heh.

This is a Pre AP English class project - not a regular class - I can only imagine what those projects are like. And yet, as I look at the requirements for this summer's Pre AP Engllish project and thinks there are going to be a lot of upset 9th graders come August. How do teacher's expect kids to make a jump from regurgitation to ingurgitation and adaptation in a summer?

Ten years from now (holy crap I'm old) my child's boss is going to want an analysis of whatever and all he's going to be able to do is make a power point on the plot and main idea of his data.


~LL~ said...

Maybe he can just turn it in as a paper bag report. LOL!

I KWYM! It's frustrating, indeed. They don't even learn how to research and site references.

Mary W. said...

ugh tell me about it. When he had to turn in the written portion of his summer project last fall I had to run to the bookstore at 9 Pm for an MLA style guide because he had NO clue how make a reference sheet or format his paper - yet it was REQUIRED . What did the kids do who didn't have parents with college degrees? I thought they'd given him the information in class but NOOOOOOOOO. He got a 100 on his project this time because he turned it in on time - only one of five and this is PRE AP?