Monday, May 04, 2009

So Last Night We Were Watching TV

and a commercial came on.

I know shocking a commercial - it was live TV even and I couldn't blast through it.

It was a coffee commercial (yeah I know me watching a coffee commercial).

The commercial was about sending their son off to college and leaving him with Folgers or Maxwell House or some pre ground swill and it being almost like home.

Eric looked at me, as I fed our baby daughter and asked if I was going to be ready for that in for years.

I snickered and then I stopped and thought.

In FOUR years - FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUR years my first born will be a ready to graduate senior. He will have decided where he is going to start the his adult life. He will be getting ready to leave my nest and venture off to places unknown. He'll spread his wings and fly.

I looked down at the baby, in my arms and looked at the sprawled out teenager on the floor beside me and wondered where has the time gone?

In so many ways he is almost grown. His upper lip is sprouting the beginnings of a mustache - soon - really soon Eric will be teaching him to shave. Then he'll learn to drive. It seems like only yesterday he was my newborn. In the blink of an eye we are selecting high school courses and signing the baby up for the PSAT. He has a top three list of colleges. It seems like yesterday I was changing his diaper and worrying about his runny nose and praying he'd sleep through the night.

The commercial made me tear up. I can't imagine dropping off my child with 18 years of memories and treasures and driving away. Knowing, that when he comes home he'll be more like a visitor rather than a constant resident.

I look at the barrage of shoes and backpacks and baby gear strewn by the front door and know that soon - sooner than I'd like to admit and sooner than I think, I'll be wishing I had some one to yell at about hanging up your coat/hat/backpack. No one will be here but eric and I.

All too soon.

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~LL~ said...

you can always yell at Eric about all that, but I know it's not the sad that they end up leaving, huh?