Friday, July 18, 2008

Thirteen going in three

The oldest kid is getting ready to go to summer camp. He leaves tonight and as of this instant, his trunk is empty - save a pair of hiking boots and one water shoe.

He leaves at 6PM.

The child is going to Colorado - so it's not like we can just drive up with what he needs. It's not like this is his first year at summer camp either - he KNOWS he needs to be packed.

As of right now he has three shirts, enough pants and his swimwear. He has one pair of socks and one pair of underwear.
I pity the person he tents with - that's gonna be stinky

"But mom I can wear my swimsuit one day"

"No child you are going to the MOUNTAINS in COLORADO - the high is our LOW - this time of year, it is going to be in the low 40's at night you are not going to walk around in your swim trunks."

"but mom"

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