Friday, July 18, 2008

Things that try a pregnant woman's soul

or appetite.

Since Eric is sleeping at church with the campers so they re all on time for tomorrow's 6 AM departure, I decided to NOt cook. I ordered pizza from

My boycot of pizzahut for super slow delivery times and updates in their online ordering system have deleted my old user name.

It took me three log in attempts before they told me my acoount no longer existed. It took me 30 minutes to order the darn pizza and wings. I'm hungry - I want easy.

So I finally get my order entered and then it came time to recreate my account. This exercise in futility would be good for teaching your preschooler his address because oyvey - this wasn't right, that wasn't right and then this was incorrect and finally my user name was taken (uh yeah I took it two years ago)

each change resulted in me having to fill out the dadburned form all over again.


Finally - just as we get to the end a little pop up add appears - would I like to order apple pies .

Dude - I've been trying to order food for 30 minutes you bet your sweet bippy I want apple pie.

It should be here at 6:57.

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Anonymous said...

Your "experience" in frustrating with the internet forms we must fill out, brought a smile to my face. Love your writing style. :)