Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What a difference a number makes

When it comes to children how many is too many and who gets to determine that?

we are expecting - a newly conceived fourth child. A child that is wanted and will be well loved. Most people are happy for us but there have been a few- "y'all have too many kids" and "don't you guys know what causes that."

I have heard from my friends who have more children than we do - that this is common and that it does hurt to hear. Indeed it does. We are not stupid nor are we living in abject poverty. we don't drink or smoke or use crack. We raise our children with the idea that THEY are our responsibility and we are responsible for their development.

One hundred years ago - four children was almost a small family. But as families become smaller and smaller - four is A lot.

I guess miscarriages have softened me. But I see every child as a blessing - a gift from God.

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Rose said...

Congrats and prayers for a healthy pregnancy!