Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And There Goes Another Piece of My Heart

This morning, when I walked Tommy and Joey to school, Joey looked at me as we were halfway there and said "Mommy I don't need you to walk me across the street and up to the school, I know where I'm going."

When we got to the crosswalk he let go of my hand and moved up beside Tommy, took his hand and crossed the street, on his own. Each sneaker covered step a little further away from me and one more step closer to independence.

In other worlds I think I LOVE Tommy's teacher. She is setting the classroom up as a community. Each student will earn money based on their "work" Students will set up "jobs" within the community and receive extra pay for them. Children with and A or B average at the end of the week will receive extra cash. Students who are failing will owe money.. Each month students will pay rent for their desks (homeownership is a privelege) If you fail to keep a tidy home you must pay a cleaning fee and a fine. I love this idea.

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Catey said...

Another one growing up too fast! Darn these kids! ;)

I did ok with Jacob going, and wanting to walk on his own from across the street....what got me was this morning when he took off on his bike with his little backpack strapped up to him. I almost got teary watching him ride away.