Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Countdown is ON

In 4 days school will be OPEN. My children will be back in school. All of them

School clothes are cleaned or soon will be.

Supplies are purchased and ready to be sorted into backpacks.

AP summer projects are in the process of being done.

This time four days from now my living room and dining room will be cleaned and they should STAY that way. The idea that a room could be clened and clutter free for a full morning and afternoon, well that's been a novel concept for me.


~LL~ said...

who all are you planning to homeschool?

Mary W. said...


Rose said...

I thought you were homeschooling this year? Are you supplementing with the curriculum? You have one starting Kindergarten this year too, don't you? And last question, how are you feeling these days? Hope all is well with you.

Mary W. said...

because of the pregnancy I am supplemementing with my own agenda. It's my own diabolical plot to kill the TAKS.

Joey does start kinder tomorrow :-)