Thursday, March 15, 2007

Things i'd love to say out loud

but because it's Lent and i volunteered to do this job I won't.

am cranky cranky CRANKY - to the dude that sent an ad for my program book from his Knights of Columbus - KNIGHTS is NOT NIGHTS - I corrected it for ya. Yer welcome

To the Catholic Daughter Courts that spell biennial BI ANNUAL - I fixed it - your welcome

We are NOT hosting an annual convention nor is it semi-annual.

Unity nd Charity should be Unity AND Charity

and there isn't a city spelled Ft, Werth - i checked - three times.

Hand written ads on a post it note are not CAMERA READY

Neither are printed out ads with writing on them

Nor are cut up and glued ads on funky paper.

If your pictures looks like a grainy pile of crap when you print them and send them in - it's gonna look worse when it's scanned - luckily for you, I'm talented.

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~LL~ said...

I am laughing my butt OFF!!!!!!