Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Who Needs Larry Curly and Moe

when you have Furball, Spooky and Shadow?

Today, the kids and I decided, well okay they didn't decde they were informed, *I* did the actual deciding, that it was time to prepare the front flower bed for planting.

Last year, the drought killed all the stuff we put there and the landscape fabric kept the ground moist allowing grass to grow up through the fabric. We left it because in August it was the ONLY green grass we had and I was seriously green with envy. The grass stayed. I'd take off my shoes and let me toes bask in it's lush greeness. I'm kind of kooky like that.

So today, because the boys were aggrivating me and I am in need of stress relief we tore it all out. As we lifted the fabric and now dead suffocating grass off, we found grubs. How the grubs survived in our clay soil I'll never know but they were there. Charles and Thomas found them amusing but icky. Joey on the other hand fell in love with them. He went and got an empty clay pot and put the grubs in there with a bit of mulch. He named them. He chased his bigger brothers with them because they were scared to touch them.

So now, in a terra cotta pot with moist soil live Furball, Spooky and Shadow.

Our cat Broccoli, also named by Joey, is envious of the cool worm names.

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