Friday, March 30, 2007

Things I didn't know but do now.

1. Slugs don't like rain. we left the slugs outside in their terracotta container. All the rain left them, well dead. Put a fork in them call the coroner dead.

2. Joey would mourn the death of Furball and Spooky like we mourn family members. He cried and cired even after I assured him they were good slugs and in slug heaven.

3. Slugs bite. This I am taking on faith. Joey said Shadow tried to bite him so Joey squished him in his fingers and Shadow went sqwoosh.

4. It can rain over three inches in a day and we can have a lake in our back yard.

5. The weather guys think we are in drought ending rain cycle - WOOHOO.

6. I'll have to come up wwith a new excuse for killing the flowers in my flower beds.

7. Pink suede garden gloves don't make you a gardener

8. Plants need fertilizer, water and well, water.

9. Roses are easy to grow.

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