Friday, March 09, 2007

Hell HAs Frozen Over

This is not a rant about the weather - really it's not. The weather here has been close to perfect, we even woke up this morning to discover it had rained.

But yes, some where , like here, Hell has frozen over. One of MY children signed up for a team sport. Charles , the oldest is not a team sports player. He likes it to be all about him and competeing withhimself, he's like his mother like that. He also is basically lazy when it comes to sports - me again.

Tommy it seems, is our joiner. He convoinced us that baseball would be fun. He'd LOVE to play baseball.

I'd rather poke something sharp in my eye.

I hate group sports.

I hate sitting in the hot sun watching group sports.

I hate sitting in the hot sun watching group sports with out an icy cold alcoholic beverage even more.

But, I will go and cheer my son on because that's what moms do.

I wish though, he'd adopted his brother's policy of not liking to sweat and run in the hot August sun.

I tried in vain to get Tommy to sign up for hockey. When it's 103° in the shade, I'd much rather sit in a cool hockey stadium that in a weedy, seedy baseball field on metal bleachers and emboss theose little lines into the back of my legs. Oh well.

He'll learn about cooperation and team work right?

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RCmom3 said...

Blondie, I came to visit and post a comment, and I had to create my own account, LOL. Now I have a blog (I need a blog like I need a hole in the head!) My sons are both in spring sports and we have track on Tues/Thurs and Baseball on M/W/F. We are not usually a sports family either and it's because a lot of times the other parents and kids ruin the fun with their competitive-ness. Not to mention the Saturdays that are taken up with games/meets. It is nice to have the kids try different things and as long as they are having fun it is worth it.