Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dream Dream Dream

In case you missed it, ABC has a new show- The Great American Dream Vote. Let's just say ABC is reaching.

The premise of the show is simple. Two people with similar needs battle each other - verbally - for a prize. The winner of each round wins a chance to compete with other round winners for their particular selected prize. America I guess gets to vote for the best winner.

In the first round was men who were prematurely bald. One guy was 22 and had been bald since he was 17. He looked 43. The other guy just needed to shave his head. He was 25 and looked good bald. He just wanted hair so he could propose to his girlfriend. She didn't know that's why he hadn't popped the question - I guess she does now.

The next round was two beuty queen moms. They wanted their daughters to have a chnace to compete to be Miss America or Miss Rodeo America. The Miss America wannabe mom abd the daughter were faker than Pamela Andersons boobs and sweeter than sachrine with a Nutra sweet chaser - she donated her crowns to kids who had cancer and kids went to heaven with her crowns. She couldn't carry pitch in a bucket.

Whatever. Some dude NEEDS a head of hair and this compares to a fake little brat who wants to be a beauty queen HOW?

THen we have the dude who wants to open a chicken theme park and a woman who wanted to open a basset hound ark for old basset hounds. Get a clue dude. I don't want to pet and cuddle a chicken. I want it battered a deep fried.

Then there are the guys who wants to have a love song he wrote to be sung by a professional for his wife. The other guy wanted money to open a flower shop for his wife. Both of these guys get points because they want to do something for their wives. I bet anything that Donny Osmond is the "famous singer" who's going to sing the love song.

Come on guys? Did ypou see the bald 22 year old? HE NEEDS hair.

But still - how long is this show going o last?

Is America really going to vote? We get 20% voter turnout for a Presidentail election and it's great. There's no crappy singers with pineapple heair or fat celebrities in sequins gliding across a dance floor to lure us into voting.

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