Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tis the season to be jolly - or not

Conversation at our house Tuesday- as we were putting up the rest of the Christmas stuff.

Tommy; Mom why are all our decorations either snow flakes or snowman or icicles to go along with Jesus?

Charles - duh it's jesus birthday

Tommy I KNOW buthead

Me: Don't call your brother butthead

Tommy: Mom you don't even LIKE snow so why do we have lots of icicles and snowflakes and stuff.

Me: Maybe if we put up enough snow things, God will think we've got enough snow and it won't snow here at all

Tommy: Mom snow flakes are NOT red

Charles - well maybe they are red in hell. Maybe in hell it snows red snow?

Me; In my hell there would be regular snow

Tommy: Charles how do you know that there is red snow in hell?

Charles: I don't know maybe when we die we know. wanna die? I could kill you and you could go to hell and then come back and tell us

Tommy: I would come back and haunt you and talk all the time just like now.

Me: Gee you guys really paid attention in mass on Sunday when they talked about love that comes with preparation and anticipation.

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