Thursday, December 14, 2006

Love Thursday

eric is still gone and I am starting to get lonely. The dog and cat are warm enough and furry enough. But I miss my husband. I enjoy spreading out in the bed but I miss the feel of his slumbering body beside mine I miss the way my hand reaches out for him in my sleep and finding him. I miss the feel of his hand on my body as he does the same thing.

Just one more night of being alone.

But there are somethings I do love today.

I love that it is a school day.

I love that the kids will get to see santa tonight as the jolly old elf drives through my neighborhood on a fire truck.

I love good looking fireman (see I'm really lonely)

I love my socks - seriously if you do not have a pair of Socks to stay Home in - BUY SOME. Forget aniumated penguins that sound like robin williams - these socks make for HAPPY feet.

I love my red wall because the color makes me happy

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