Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Little Bird of Happiness crapped on my head

Eric is in Austin this week so the boys and I are single parenting it.

Joey is going through an "I love Daddy" phase. Mommy of course sucks.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO last night, the door knob going into the launbdry room breaks - Joey was in the laundry room alone getting his jammies and my pool sarong from the dryer. I jerryrigged it and got the door open and the dryer reloaded and running.

Then, this morning the alarm didn't go off - Joey turned off the alarm thingy on the clock - I diodn't notice and because he's in an I love daddy phase and daddy isn't here - he's not gone to sleep before midnight - just sure that if he screams loud enough and stays awake long enough - daddy will show up.

So we got up late.

Tommy went into the laundry room to get socks and shut the door.

At the same time - Charles was cooking eggs for breakfast and the stove top went out (the microwave died on Tuesday but it was old - older than my marriagae old so it was on borrowed time)

I freed Tommy, gave him peanut butter toast and sent him to school.

We got the eggs cooked and sent Charles off to school and thanked God for the coffee maker and it's espresso making capabilities and starbucks coffee.

I did get all but one burner on my stove working. Eric says he knows what's wrong with the burner.

At least it's still going to be 70.

If the coffeemaker stops brewing tomorrow I am taking it as a sign and calling in lazy and staying in my jammies.

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