Friday, December 08, 2006

Tradition Tradition!

We have quite a few traditions that make our Advent Season special.

First, we set up our nativity Set in Pieces. we start with the sheep th first week and then shepards the next. Joseph and mary start their trip to the fireplace the second week of Advent and I move them closer each day. The third week the angels makes her apperance and on Christmas eve Mary and Joseph finally make it to the manger. Baby Jesus arrives Christmas morning along with the Santa gifts. The younger kids think santa delivers baby Jesus. Once the Christmas seson starts the wisemen make their way to the stable. Last year, we had a nice collection of Little People animals joining the manger scence so Jesus was created by a giraffe, hippo, alligator and elephant in additon to the cows and sheep.

Our Second tradition is the Advent Chain. We string together a purple and pink chain of paper strips and place them on the tree. Last year the origional chain, started in 1995 finally died a painful death so this year, we start with a new chain.

The week the kids get out of school is baking week. we make various treats and goodies. we start it off with Sugar cookies. I mix the dough and chill it after the kids go to school the last day. Then, after dinner we roll them out and cut them and bake them. we eat cookies and drink cocoa in front of the fire and watch the Grinch. we finish up with M&M cookies on Chjristmas Eve made by dad and the boys for Santa.

On Christmas eve, while we are at Mass, the elves deliver pajamas to the boys. They are always delivered by the front door in plain white boxes with red ribbons.

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