Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday Tuesday

and all is well.

I have been trying for two weeks now, to get the boys together for a Christmas card shot. Anyone with children knows, getting all of the children to look the same direction and smile - a real smile - not some concotion of a smile, grimace or look of pain - is a feat. It's like eatting melting jello with a fork.

I found, brown shirts for the bigger boys, but not for Joey so he was going to wear green. we were going to sport a rustic look for our card photo. I had however been procrastinating taking the photo. Something always got in the way - first it was a booked schedule. Then it was homework. finally, it was freezing rain and ice. No one wanted to take a picture in the sleet - go figure.

Saturday, my procrastination paid off. While shopping at Penney's, I found sweaters, all in the same colors for the three boys. So tady, after the homework is done, we are heading up to the park to attempt to get a good shot, of all three kids, worthy of our Christmas card.

Here's our Santa photo- taken back before Thanksgiving:
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