Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Today Was Made for Walking...

...and walking we did.

Joey and I decided such beautiful sunlight deserved a trip to the park to swing and climb and bask in the not quite spring warmth.

Today is aon of those February days that makes me glad to live in Texas. The sky, a light azure blue with wisps of cotton-white clouds floating across it. The warm breeze breathed freshness and almost spring warmth across our faces as we walked.

Joey loved the chance to be out at the park to run and climb and swing, in his not quite accomplished three but almost four year old way.

He looked longly through the slats in the security fence at the pool and asked when HE could get in and swim. He's as ready for spring as his mother. But, in the next instant he threw his body to the ground and laid in the rubber mulch (it's made of shredded tires and is soft and cushy unlike the wood mulch it replaced) and made a " snow angel'.

We took the long way home. Prolonging our forray into almost spring just a few minutes longer.

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