Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Force Is Strong With This One Obi Wan

and the youngest begins to show signs as early as three.

I am not talking about THE FORCE but the force that pushes all sweet young children to become teenagers and therefore demon spawn. The force I talk about is the ability to not throttle that once sweet toddler and preschooler when he becomes a surly smart mouthed alien called a teenager.

Said surly alien thinks his (or her) parents are stupid, backwards and could never ever have been cool- ever.

Today, while straightening up, I caught glimpse that my now cute sweet son will be a surly obnoxious alien - with possibly two heads.

A CD game fell behind the couch. While I was vacuuming the baseboards, I found the CD. Joey picked it up and saw, from the disc, that it was Star Wars.

Because he is his father's son, Star Wars is only slightly below God and football in importance.

I told him it was a game and we couldn't watch it.

Again, because he's his father's son, he went to the computer and wanted me to put the game in so he could play.said pod race game.

A glance at the label on the CD case said "For Windows" .

I explained to him that we could not play the game because we didn't have windows.

My little pod racer to be looked at me as if I had said the stupidest thing known to man. He furrowed his brow and said " we do have Windows mommy RIGHT there!" as he pointed to the four windows behind me.

His voice already held a a bit of sarcasm and unbelief, the kind his oldest brother has now mastered and uses from occasion.

I explained to him that we did not have Windows on our computer.

He looked at me like I had three heads and tentacles. But put the game away and sighed.

Yes, the force is strong with this one.

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